Welcome To The Dreams Alive Foundation

The Dreams Alive Foundation believes every child has the potential to do great things. We believe that through sports, children are given the tools to explore, learn, invent, and create. Spearheaded by retired professional footballer Christopher Omondi, the mission of our nonprofit is to help children develop their cognitive and social skills through football and education.

Using sports and academics as our instruments, the nonprofit aims to help children affected by HIV/AIDS. 1.6 million people in Kenya are living with HIV. Many of the children we sponsor are left orphaned by the disease. They are forced to drop out of school and walk great distances for food and water. Some never return home.

Our foundation’s purpose is to eliminate this. Through football, we strive to teach the value of teamwork, understanding, and trust. Through academics, we will raise bright, forward-thinking minds.

With encouragement, tolerance, teamwork, and friendship, we believe we can help these children become hardworking and benevolent adults.

To advocate for equality, diversity and thereby promoting greater social inclusion.

Empower young people academically, socially and economically through sports football.

Identify talented young people and help them access institutions that can help them further their career in sports.

To keep the young people actively engaged in school life and help them realize their potential hence reduce the number of people dropping out of school.

Nurture talent and help young people use their gifts to achieve success thus economically empowering themselves.

Reduce vices such as drug abuse, child labour and increased teenage pregnancies.

Develop a sustainable mentorship program that will see young people help each other grow.