Nurturing soccer talent in the village has opened opportunities for these kids to display their talents and be seen
The Academy nurtures talents from a tender age and keeps them out of negativity while inculcating discipline among them
Mentoring and encouraging these boys to use their talents outside classroom to enable them succeed in life
Kitting the local schools and supporting their football teams where our academy players undertake their learning
Even in harsh conditions they still do what they love most
We learn and get better each and every day through our committed Founder Christopher Omondi
The Executive Director Christopher Omondi training with the lads
Christopher coaching the girls team
the coach and players sharing light moments before a match
Even in the scorching sun the kids still turn up to showcase their talent
Following instructions is vital. Makes it easier to communicwte
from improvised balls, they can now enjoy FIFA standard balls
They needed a mentor and a leader and they found one who inspires them in Christopher Omondi they believe
Football helps these kids open up about their personal problems, hence making it easier for us to assist
Keeping them close and teaching team work and brotherhood
Working together with one aim, to transform the community through soccer
Presenting the book of "BE" to kids in a village in Busia to inspire them with the great messages in the book
They walk long distances to fetch water wasting 2 to 3 hours of their class time
Mentoring the kids to pursue their dreams by supporting them with materials that make learning better
Meeting with the head teachers of various school to find out the needs and help find solutions
Girl child empowerment being led by women teachers in various schools
We bought geometrical sets for candidates in primary schools in the village
Working together with teachers and community for the prosperity of the kids
The executive Director believe every child has potential to use the various talent to overcome poverty
Together we make the world a better place
Giving hope to the hopeless