Girls Programme

Girls involvement in football is not encouraged in most African communities culture. When girls reach adolescent stage (10-13years), they are expected to concentrate more on performing house chores, coordinating activities in homes and in instances where its an orphaned household, they instantly become caregivers.

This largely contributes to huge number of girls dropping out of school, engaging in child labor to support their siblings, early marriages & pregnancy.

Our girls program uses football as a tool to educate girls hereby changing community views on their role in society.

With options in Sewing & design, photography, football combined with education, we want to create a path for them to reach their potential & become role models in Kenya and globally.

Having achieved this, they will undergo sessions on relevant laws and human rights to build legal literacy among girls to help them raise their voices in seeking justice on issues affecting women and also take part in crucial decision making in the community.

We give girls access to development as people, players and coaches by mentoring, educating & training them as players, referees and coaches.

Our Ambassadors Anna-Sofie Cardenas and Joanna Sjoberg have jointly educated 15 girls saving them from dangers early marriage. We are hoping to support more girls. Our programs will include menstrual hygiene management to give the girls a safe place to talk about their periods & other challenges they face while we help in solving them (this will help us address SDG 3 on health)

Our aim is to provide both academic and athletic scholarships for as many girls as we can and hopefully one day some will become the best players in the world and inspire the next generation.

Before girls used to be scared of taking part in football because of culture. Nowadays they participate in their favorite sport in schools and in the foundation team.

We will partner with like minded organizations and individuals to enable girls live their dreams.

By supporting girls, our aim is to achieve the following SDGs::

  • Gender equality-SDG 5
  • Good Health & Well-being- SDG 3
  • Quality education -SDG 4.
  • No poverty- SDG 1.
  • Reduced inequalities- SDG 10.
  • Sustainable cities & communities - SDG 11.
  • Peace, Justice & Strong institutions -SDG 16.

Girl Ambassadors

Joanna Sjoberg
Joanna Sjoberg

Joanna is an ambassador and sponsor of The Dreams Alive Foundation Girls education Program. She lives in Sweden but that hasn't stopped her from supporting girls education in the village. Together with her friend Anna-Sofie, they started the DAF Girls education fund to save girls from early marriage, pregnancy and encourage education of girls to end gender inequality. She has so far supported 10 girls both primary and secondary schools. This will increase number of girls graduating from schools to join tertiary institutions and in turn empower them with skills to sustain their families. Joanna has pledged to sponsor more girls in the program.

Cardenas family
Cardenas Family

The Cardenas family are based in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by Anna-Sofie, they started the DAF Girls Education Support Fund. They facilitated the donation of Hammarby Academy uniforms, jackets, and other training materials.They have supported 13 girls both in primary and Secondary school. They believe educating a girl will eliminate child pregnancy and early marriage, build more stable communities, strengthen economies and total eradication of poverty. This will lead to reduced inequalities. They have pledged to support more girls to pursue education to the highest level.