Duncan Odhiambo Oduya

Duncan(left) is a 17 year old boy in class 7.He is an orphan and lives with the grandmother ,who took him in after the parents died.

He expresses his experience while living with the grandmother not to be easy because she can't provide basic needs since she has no job.They have to struggle so that they can have a meal.Most of the time they sleep on empty an empty stomach so they opt to drink warm water and sleep.At the same time he can't afford school fees;this has made him to be on and off school.He is a boy that has alot of potential and portrays good leadership skills.He is a talented footballer(stricker) and has managed to play up-to the county level.

Through Duncan's experience and among other ,we have been able to come up with a food programme for the school whereby students get a meal a day ,pay school fees for them to ensure they are in school 24/7  and also buy soccer boots for the footballers(since they play barefoot) to nurture their talents thus boosting their morale.This will help them improve  academically