Emanuel Omondi
Masebula, Busia County


This boy was a drop out and had stayed out of school for a year. He had given up in life and was already a street urchin and was even going to join the vigilante group of the village which consists of heartless and illiterate people who rob and beat guys mercilessly at times killing them due to the fact that they are idle, jobless and illiterate.

Emanuel lives alone and his case was lack of a role model of which we sorted by showing him exactly what he can become by working hard.

When I started the Dreams Alive Foundation, I had a lot of kids coming both boys and girls and one of the requirements for one to be part of it was to enroll in school and be a recognized student with the sole aim of promoting education through sports. Emanuel saw us conducting training with the new equipment and balls that we had gathered and he came and told the teachers he wants to get into the school team once more. I was called to the side lines and I told him the academy is meant for school going kids and if he could get back to school we can begin his nurturing.

He accepted the challenge and came back to school. He did not have anything so we bought him uniform and shoes. He did not perform well academically in his first term but performed exemplary in soccer where he was selected to play at the regional level, the only student from his school to have achieved that feat. He also performed well in Athletics here he represented the school at provincial level.

I felt and saw the potential and had a sit down with him where we talked about his education.  I made him know that if he could think fast enough in the field then he is one of the most intelligent people around and for sure he took my words and as we speak he is number 7 overall out of 79 students.

He is now used as an example and has triggered many other drop outs going back to school. This will be a set example that many other kids can emulate.

Emanuel and the many other needy kids need our support to have education and also something to eat, uniform and clothes to put on. The struggle is real but he, together with the other kids have now ignited their dreams and have big ambitions.

The whole project is Sports for Socio-economic development. We are calling on all the well wishers and institutions to support this worthy cause. Education is the key in life.